Powerful optics: superb images thanks to a new generation design

Focal range: from 4.3 mm to 60 mm (120 mm with multiplier)

Cross-over technology options: switching between 16: 9 and 4: 3

Optimized Digital Drive technology

Ergonomic design compact and robust

The reduced focal length (4.3 mm) offers a horizontal angle of view of 96.3 degrees for the 16: 9 HD picture format.

Thanks to an extended focal range (between 4.3 and 60 mm, up to 120 mm with multiplier), this lens offers unrivaled operational capabilities in a compact format of only 1.99 kg.

The maximum relative opening is equal to F1.8. Furthermore, the flicker of the focus was significantly reduced compared to the previous model, HJ11ex4.7B.