Project Description

With the title “La sfida comincia, tutti in campo“, on June 30th, we created a live streaming event for TIM, aimed at sponsoring the new TIMVision package and in particular the new offers related to the new football season “Serie A TIM 2021/2022”.

For this event, we have created, designed, and built two main sets (3d scenarios): a football stadium and the TIMVision room. Both environments were created by our creative team with 3D scenographies, animated in real-time with the XR technology of Unreal Engine e Disguise D3. As mentioned by the title, it was not just a “commercial challenge” launched by TIM to their reference market, but a “challenge” also for our work team who had to create a truly complex and unique XR event.

Presenting the event the two TV presenters of Dazn channel, Marco Cattaneo, and Federica Zille, with an exceptional guest, the soccer champion, and TIM’s testimonial “Ciro Ferrara”.

The XR set created for this event with 2 LED walls measuring 5×3.5m and a floor LED 5x5m, was shot with 4 Sony HDC 1700 cameras, one of which was on a 6-meter Jimmy jib and another one, on a 12-meter dolly, connected to two systems of Mosys tracking camera. For the video direction an Aquilon RS4 and for the management of the contents and the XR system a disguise VX4, a VX 2 connected with Unreal Engine, managed by two RX in cluster rendering.

Location: Sin Studio, Rome
Date: 30th June 2021
Agency: MP Group