Video Mapping

Video projection mapping is using a projection technology to turn any three-dimensional objects into a display surface for the projection of video. These objects could be anything from industrial landscapes, theatre stages and more.

If you look at the surface of a large house, then all of a sudden project an image onto it, such as an elaborate light show that seems to turn the building alive, you are witnessing projection mapping. It takes reality and augments it, and makes the illusion so strong that it becomes immersive.

These days, projection mapping are tools for advertising, branding, entertainment, presentations and more!

Thus, projection mapping reaps a lot of benefits, but at the very least, in today’s modern age where we are continually receiving content wherever we go, projection mapping offers that wow factor to capture the attention of your target audience. Here are some of the benefits of using projection mapping:


The content that gets projected on the three-dimensional object can be altered according to the needs of the projection backdrop.


Projection mapping eliminates the need to have any physical sets and props which take a lot of time to build, transport, set up and dismantle


When it comes to technology and visual effects, there is so much one can experiment with, that it seems as if the possibilities are limitless.

No Flat Surface Necessary

Projection mapping can be projected onto almost any type of surface. Projection mapping can project 3D images instead of a 2D image

Spectacular effects

A rapidly growing form of new media, video projection can be used for advertising, live concerts, theatre, decoration or basically anything your imagination can dream up. Eventi-X can map light and images on to any surface, not just a flat one.

Complex industrial landscapes, buildings, structures and theatrical stages, turning common objects of any 3D shape into exciting interactive displays by the addition of extra dimensions and optical illusions. The video is usually combined with audio to create an audio-visual narrative.

Types of Projection Mapping

1. Architectural video mapping – Video projections on building and architecture;
2. Object Video Mapping – Video mapping projections on geometric forms (cubes, pyramids, prisms, spheres, cars, etc);
3. Interior projection mapping – the indoor 3d video mapping on walls of the venue;
4. Full Dome projections – video mapping projections on every surfaces inside the venue (walls, floor, ceiling);

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