Since first appearing on the market, the HDW-750P HDCAM camcorder has become associated with the very best in quality programming, helping establish HDCAM as the preferred High Definition format worldwide. Many of the best programmes on-air in Europe today continue to be shot using the HDW-750P.

The HDW-790P features an extremely compact and lightweight design, with a robust and reliable construction. The use of three 2.2 million-pixel FIT CCDs, and 12-bit Advanced Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) ensures superb picture quality.

In addition to 12bit ADSP, the HDW-790P also shares a number of other features with the top-of-the-range HDW-F900R. These include 2 HD-SDI outputs, inputs for recording 4 channels of 20-bit AES/EBU digital audio and 4 HyperGamma settings, which allow the cinematographer to precisely optimise the desired ‘look’ of the acquired image. A choice of either colour or monochrome viewfinder completes the feature set