Project Description

After two years of virtual events, thanks to the event called “TIM Roadshow 2022”, the TIM group has decided to physically reunite their work group in a series of live corporate events, divided into 4 stops in the cities of Naples, Milan, Bologna, and Rome. The roadshow was focused on communicating the changes, the news, and the corporate goals of 2022.
Eventi-x cured every aspect of the event: from the creative phase of video content design to the technical realization, shooting and video direction, the set design, the lights, and the audio.
The set designs, differently based on every location, were changed thanks to the video contents designed by our creative department, which adapted the contents for different video resolutions, with 5x3m, 5,8x4m up to 12x4m size LEDs.

Location: Naples, Milan, Bologna, and Rome
Date: 30 May – 1 June
Agency: MP Group

Napoli, Museo Ferroviario di Pietrarsa

Bologna, Palazzo Re Enzo

Milano, East End Studios

Roma, Auditorium della Tecnica

Creativity for the event