Audio Service

When planning a corporate event’s audiovisual content, one of the biggest mistakes people make is to spend an age dreaming up a fantastic event, only to find the sound system isn’t man enough, or subtle enough for the job. Obviously, if you are hosting a small meeting your requirements will not be the same as a big corporate event. However, it is still imperative that your presenters can be heard clearly and concisely when you plan your conference in Italy.

To ensure the best sound for your corporate event you need to take several factors into consideration, but don’t worry, our professional audiovisual experts can guide you through the minefield of sound, light, video equipment selection and lay-out of your corporate event. Just tell us what you want to do, where you want to do it and let us create your best audiovisual services with perfect sound, emotional lighting, communicative video immersive services complete with impressive stage set.

Alternatively, you can just bounce a few ideas off our team and between us we can tailor-make a system to exactly suit your event. We can rent you a system if you prefer. Deliver it and pick it up when your event has ended, how much simpler could it be?

Our Best Brands

We work with the finest audiovisual equipment manufactures on the planet to ensure the best possible solutions for your corporate event. D&B Audiotechnik, Sennehiser, Yamaha and Mydas.

Then there’s our events crews. We are so proud of our audiovisual crews they are our best asset. Our ongoing audiovisual staff training and professional development program ensures there is a high level of consistency across all our Italian events team, allowing us flexibility with our workforce planning in event services production. The audiovisual and production training and continued research and develop into audiovisual solutions permit us to realize, in Italy big corporate events for international agencies. We recruit great sound crew, the best creative light technicians, excellent video crew, elite shooting professionals, we like to keep them.