Project Description

Terna is one of Europe’s main electricity transmission grid operators.
For this company, Eventi-x was directly responsible to shoot and produce the market place presentation video focused on Terna’s central role in the system to enable the sustainable energy transition.
This video, filmed in native 4k resolution, is a real mix of creativity and visual description of every single step inside Terna’s industrial process.
Starting from the development of the concept, going through the direction, shooting, editing and VFX, we tried to give the maximum contribution to creating a different and unique corporate video for one of the most important Italian company. With a team composed of a director, a DOP, four cameramen, a video editor and two motion designer, we made the video, using Canon C300 mk2 cameras with cine lenses, which have allowed us to film these unique and special images.

Agency: MP Group
Location: via della Marcigliana 911 – Viale Egidio Galbani, 70, Roma
Date: November 2020