New audiovisual service process in 2020 certified by ISO 9001:2015

Audiovisual service companies large and small have used this standard to great effect, discovering and securing tremendous cost and efficiency savings. Here are just a few of the ways ISO 9001 benefits our clients in the production of their events and helps us to continuously improve our services.

When customers see that we are approved by a recognized international certification body, they will understand that we have implemented a system that is focused on meeting customer requirements and improvement. This in turn improves their trust in us that we will deliver exactly what we have promised in our events, stages, and audiovisual services in general.

At Eventi-x Group, we strive to maintain the highest quality standards for the events services we provide. For instance our audio service, lighting for shows and live entertainment, video production, video mapping, visual shows in Italy and abroad. Anywhere we work, we will apply our certified processes to all our audiovisual and events servcies!  For this reason, we are certain that this new accreditation plus our comprehensive experience in supplying audiovisual services that are second to none in the media and communications industry in Italy strengthens our place as leaders in our field.

One of the key principles of the ISO 9001 QMS is the focus on improving customer satisfaction by identifying and meeting customer requirements and needs. By improving satisfaction, we know our  events services customers will look forward to working with us again.

So Eventi-X wears the badge of  ISO 9001 with great pride, knowing our customers are assured of the highest levels of service in the audio visual and events industry.

Luxury wedding Service in Italy

Eventi-x have been providing audiovisual services for luxury weddings for more than 20 years. During this time, we have supplied the finest audiovisual equipment on the market, operated by our team of highly trained and motivated technicians. We have extensive experience in building animated lighting systems, super-impressive sound systems and creating emotional and lasting memories of the Wedding Day in video.

We have worked in some of Italy’s most prestigious and beautiful locations. The Villa Miani, Castello di Bracciano, Castello della Castellucia and Villa Aurelia to name but a few. Now with the aid of animated graphics and video mapping we can transform any building into a Roman Villa or a spectacular palace, so team all this together with our high quality audiovisual systems and we can literally create a dream wedding for the Bride and Groom.

Earth Day – Our Green vision

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. Worldwide, various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

It’s no accident our company logo is green. Obviously, we like the color green; it is one of the additive primary colors, along with red and blue and one of the most important colors inspired by nature. We really understand the power of colors and we love nature. For this reason, we are committed, as a business, to the well being of both economic and ecological issues.

We believe our company should be doing business in ways that preserve, protect and ultimately enhance all living systems on our planet.

To do this we will work to eliminate “waste” of all kinds from our operations and services. We will treat employees, customers and suppliers, fairly, honestly and respectfully. We will take responsibility for the safety of our services, products, employees and communities. We will do all these things in a way that supports our economic well-being and the economic well-being of those who depend on us. In one word we are aiming for “sustainability“.

We will measure our progress by monitoring the trends of our resource productivity and economic footprint.

In a world of increased population and industrialization, it is now, more than ever, critical that everyone adopts a pro-active approach to preserving the resources of our planet. Ensuring the Earth is a beautiful and safe place to live for all the species who inhabit it now and in the future.

At Eventi-X Group we live by the mantra of the “3 R’s”…Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We now have in place a programme where we intend to reduce our waste, reuse as much of our material as is physically possible and recycle products in a manageable way, monitoring our success by appointing key members of staff from each department to act as Green Co-ordinators.

We will pursue these steps with a commitment to open dialogue with our customers and suppliers with a view to ensuring continuous improvement.

Eventi-X Group are waging war on CO2 emissions. We have a 5 year plan to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint, by constantly working with our suppliers to produce energy efficient audiovisual systems which are still capable of producing quality at the highest level, whilst minimizing the damage to our planet.

This is where we raise our flag. When you do business with Eventi-X Group you stand with us. We aren’t satisfied with being the best events service provider, we want to be the cleanest, the greenest, leading the field in awareness of the importance of preserving our natural resources for future generations.

Rai News 24 – live streaming

The historic Palazzo Montecitorio is home to Italy’s Chamber of Deputies and there are always journalists outside waiting to canvass the opinions of the public about current political issues.
From the 21st to the 24h of January for 12 hours each day, Eventi-X provided two ENG troupes for the Italian TV channels RAI News 24 and RAI Parlamento.  Using the WMT Agile 2.0 R, our specialist crews ensured the live shooting and streaming of all the interviews was carried out professionally.

Please, check the “WMT” page, for more information about our live streaming service.

Audiovisual Services: The importance of a strong Alliance

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word “Alliance” as a “union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organisations”.

The AV Alliance was originally formed to promote and facilitate project requirements for international clients, through a network of regional representatives. The idea was to create a true family of AV providers who are committed to giving levels of service and expertise which are second to none.

As a truly international organization, we can offer our clients the latest state of the art event equipment, working only with the top brands in the world. From stunning video projections, to top of the range 4K LED displays, amazing sound systems and emotional animated lighting.

All our fellow Alliance members employ only well-trained technicians. Here at Eventi-X, our staff selection process is rigorous and on-going training part of our commitment to both our clients and also our staff development.

At Eventi-X we are proud to have been involved with the AV Alliance for 4 years now. Indeed, we are the only member covering the central and south region of Italy. Being a part of AV Alliance allows us to exchange ideas with fellow members in a ‘think tank’ which is the biggest of its kind throughout Europe and the world. It ensures we keep up to date on new technologies in a constantly changing industry, benefitting our clients further.

Currently, there are 69 members in the AV Alliance, each one a completely independently managed company in their own right, each one passionately committed to providing event technology of the highest level, ensuring every client, whatever type of event, enjoys a uniquely memorable experience. Jointly the AV Alliance employs 5,733 people, in 102 locations worldwide and is involved in over 100,000 projects every year. That equates to 274 events every day. Impressive statistics indeed.

Over the last decade, we have lived in a changing world. The innovation technology and the digital transformation has changed the lifestyle for millions of people. For a company like Eventi-x, which invests in these industries, we need to pay attention to all the innovation programs behind every singular relevant new technology. We need to understand the power of innovation and make the right decisions to constantly improve our quality and give the absolute best service to our clients.

For the past 6 months, we have been an integral part of the AV Alliance Startup Mentoring Program called “Future Lab”. This enables young, entrepreneurial companies to trial suitable technologies in live situations. We are always interested in seeing new technologies relevant to the events industry. From logistics, event management to new ideas for lighting, video and audio products. Two of our senior members of staff, Simone Petitti and Nicola D’Amore coordinated by Alexander Fuchs (General Manager AV Alliance) are closely involved with this program and we are proud to be able to make our knowledge available to create something unique with the rest of the AV Alliance team.

Like all our fellow AV Alliance members, Eventi-X Group is focused on providing the highest quality at competitive rates. Our minimum accepted standard is to match our client’s expectations, our aspiration and goal is to exceed those expectations.

Audiovisual Services for Nel nome del Rock live concerts

06/07/08 July  Palestrina (RM)

The beautiful Parco Barberini in the ancient city of Palestrina hosted the 25th year of this contemporary rock music festival.
Stoner Kebab, The Soft Moon and Ghostpoet were the headline bands. The Eventi-X team built the entire stage set, including the Truss structure, and provided all the animated lighting for the 3day free festival. Our amazing lighting crew added a touch of wonder to this popular event which will live long in the memories of those revellers who witnessed it.

“Rock music is not meant to be perfect”

Ozzy Osbourne

RAI – live streaming

During the week, with our ENG troupe, we worked for RAI to provide the live streaming service for two different show.

03/07/18La vita in Diretta – Estate” – RAI 1

Earlier this week on July 3rd one of our outside broadcast teams visited the town of Arce in the province of Frosinone to provide the live streaming for the popular RAI 1 current affairs show “La vita in Diretta Estate“.  The focus of our part of the show was about the murder of Serena Mollicone, one of the most important unsolved cases in Italy. The possibility of new evidence has come to light in the 17 year old murder investigation.

05/07/18  “Campagna Terre e Sapori” – RAI 3

On July 5th our guys were in Priverno and the beautiful town of Fossanova in the province of Latina. This time, providing not only the live streaming for the RAI 3 show “Campagna Terre e Sapori“, but also on-site editing utilizing Edius software. The show, made with the collaboration of Touring Club Italiano, explores the flavours and beauty of the countryside, seeking to open up parts of the undiscovered Italy to the opportunities presented by tourism.

Please, check the “WMT” page, for more information about our live streaming service.

Go Big… Go Rome – Photo shoot

We are delighted to announce that this week we completed our first collaboration with the companies “Q2Cue” and “Altered Image” from USA.
Eventi-X  Group provided a team of 2 photographers and 1 videographer to follow over 400 staff members of the pharmaceutical company “Allergan” during their week in Rome.
This included day trips to Capri, Florence, Pompeii and Tivoli, plus a tour of the most famous sights of the Eternal City and a gala awards dinner.

You can see some images of the Allergan staff enjoying themselves during their time in Italy.

A big thank you to our crew “Andrea & Francesco” for these pictures, and obviously a special thanks to all the great staff of AlteredImage and Q2Cue

Les Benjamins

Les Benjamins, the contemporary streetwear label based in Istanbul chose Florence to launch their 2018 collection based on the theme of “Ancient Skyscrapers at night”. Taking inspiration from the old pyramids of the Egyptian and Aztec civilizations the founder and creative director, Bunyamin Aydin, defined the hybrid of culture and comfort to showcase his clothes. Eventi-X designed and built the set, helping to ensure a spectacular evening.

Maurizio Battista – Scegli una carta

From Dec 26th to Jan 21st Italian TV star, Maurizio Battista, took his new show, Take a Card, to the Olympic theatre in Rome.
For this show Eventi-X designed and made the entire graphics package including the opening and closing titles and logo animation using digital scenography projected on to a central ledwall of 5x10mtrs and two lateral flats of 1.5 x 5 mtrs.

Location: Teatro Olimpico
Date: December 26th to January 21st