Who we are

Highly specialized Italian company in light, sound, video, tv services. We offer a complete service to event  agencies, production companies who need to develop in italy and in europe audiovisual events and productions.

Facilities and services are provided by Eventi-X in Milan, Rome, Florence, Sardinia Sicily and all the best italian event venues.  The company works in close collaboration with events agencies to ensure  technical consulting, planning, and implementation package for professional events.

Attention to event detail, enthusiasm, versatility and an extremely careful selection process for team members and communication experts allows us not only to be designers, but also great creators of any integrated audiovisual and event project.

Who Is Eventi-x

To astound, to amaze, to provide complete customer satisfaction and ensure all our work leaves people with amazing memories of being present at a special occasion. To continue to develop a structured and professional company that operates to the highest possible standards across all areas of our work.

We want to earn the respect of our clients through hard work and honesty.  We will continue to strive to be recognized as one of the leading companies in the events and TV production industry. We respect our employees. They are all individuals and we are committed to their future development within our friendly team.

Our promise is a simple one. To listen to our customers. Their thoughts, their aspirations, their dreams. These things we take and turn them into reality, through inspirational ideas, imaginative planning and total commitment. We promise to work as hard as we can to exceed our customer’s expectations.

If you are planning a small, intimate meeting or staging a major corporate or social event for hundreds of people Eventi-X can provide the solutions. Location, set design, mood lighting, state of the art sound systems, innovative video mapping equipment…basically everything including the furniture. In short we have the knowledge, the expertise, the versatility and the determination to make your event, no matter the size, a wonderful and memorable experience for all your delegates and guests.

Our Professional Skills

Events Maker 90
Conferences 95
Video & Graphic Design 85
Audio Services 75

Meet Our Team

Simone PetittiCEO
The Boss. The beating heart of our company. If you have a problem, he answers his cell phone day and night. But please don’t disturb him on Sunday, then he enjoys his mother-in-law’s fettuccine.
Claudia CerasaroAdministrator Manager
The Admin brains behind the scenes. Claudia wants to increase her collection of designer handbags. She relaxes by playing with Carletto, her English Cocker Spaniel and at the moment she is determined to improve her English.
Nicola D'AmoreArt Director / Motion Designer
Our resident artistic genius, the man of motion graphics! Nico is a keen AC Milan fan, his home is a gallery of modern cartoon superhero artwork and action figures. When he starts a new project it isn’t just a pastime or a job; it’s the way he looks at the world.
Alessandro FavaLight visual specialist & Production director
He is a former keep fit instructor and a powerhouse in every sense of the word.
Always on time, always smiling… he loves his work. However, he does have only one boss…his wife.
Silvia AcetiCoordination & Logistics
Logistics expert and animal rights activist! She doesn’t eat animals because she loves them. Silvia likes gym and walking with her dogs to relax after a hard day planning our manpower, equipment and transport schedules.
Luca PoceStructural engineer and warehouse manager
A graduate construction engineer, Luca controls our warehouse and is involved with aspects of stage and set design. Another of our multi-talented guys, always first in the office, after his early morning espresso of course
Enrico RotondaroWarehouse
Enrico joined us when the new warehouse facility opened. He can turn his hand to most jobs. Every day he’s smiling and joking with all the team, especially Luca. He has one rule in life, “Always give your best”!
Luigi MariniWarehouse / Set Designer
Luigi is a great team player. He is equally at home in our ultra-modern warehouse facility or constructing complex stage sets on-site at major events. Also, he is a great driver, but he doesn’t like to use Navigator!
Christian AntozziVideo Technician
With over 20 years’ experience and fantastic enthusiasm, we’re glad he’s with us. Christian is the perfect person for your event. He can connect anything and he speaks the same language as the projectors and on-air machines!
Simone MoriniVideo Technician
Simone’s career has seen him work in London and the Italian Military. He’s the perfect man to jump into every type of work. A powerhouse in personality and enthusiasm.
Danilo PanicciaCamera Operator
Dani was born with a camera in his hands. His CV reads like a who’s who of Italian and European TV companies. Always has a ready smile unless he’s stuck in the office, he lives for being outside with his beloved cameras at the sharp end of things.
Massimo TagliaboschiCamera Operator
Massimo is everyone’s friend. He is always smiling and joking, but he is passionate about his work. He loves music and particularly live concerts. In his free time, he likes socializing with friends.
Roberto IafrateAudio Technician
Roberto is a Sound Engineering graduate and wants to be the best Audio Engineer ever, along the way he would like to be a famous bass player too. He’s a deep thinker and takes his work very seriously. To relax he enjoys cooking.
Barbara De CarolisSecretary
Receptionist/Secretary…but so much more. Always helping everyone a with friendly smile. Barbara is our “safe hands” and she always keeps a bag of liquorice sweets behind reception.

Our Happy Clients