Simultaneous translation

In a multi-cultural world it is essential to consider the use of language translation services when planning international conferences and meetings where there is a likelihood of the delegates having different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and languages.

Interpretation goes far beyond simple fluency in two languages. It is a special skill that requires a long period of training and education. We employ only the highest qualified and most experienced simultaneous translators, ensuring your conferences, lectures and meetings are delivered clearly and concisely, whatever the subject matter.

The alternative method of translation is Consecutive Interpretation. This is used in situations when the interpreter and the person for whom he/she is interpreting speak consecutively, each pausing until the other has finished speaking, then beginning again.

Simultaneous Interpretation is used in situations when the interpreter and the person being interpreted speak at the same time. The interpreter working from a soundproof booth, using headphones and microphones can both listen and interpret results in a smooth, efficient translation. This technique is the method of choice generally for large conferences or group settings It is now being used at over 90% of international conferences.

Our Method

At Eventi-X Group this crucial tool is underpinned by the use of Bosch digital systems capable of translating 32 languages and broadcasting them through up to 4000 devices. All our translation systems are fully mobile, we can bring them to your chosen venue and install them efficiently and discretely.

We will work in tandem with audiovisual staff to ensure the operation is carried out seamlessly and the event is perfect.

We are happy to provide a free quotation for any event. Just contact our team and we’ll be delighted to talk to you.