Studio Live Stream

Over the years, but especially in the past couple of months, live-streaming went from a somewhat complicated, mostly social media-based tool to an essential means of corporate communication.

As long as the world is at a standstill and health and safety takes priority in our lives, we are determined to keep connections, teams, and relationships alive by providing a range of virtual event and online conference solutions and services. Whether it is an interactive web conference, or a live stream of your online meeting or webinar, we can offer any kind of gathering on the web.

What we do

Hybrid event, few guests in the conference room respecting Covid distances disposal, and other participants remote connected with client zoom, teams, streaming
Virtual event, presenter on the conference room or TV studios and all the participants connected on line. Possibility to share ppt, emotional contents, sound, etc
Greenscreen solution, virtual studios basic with static camera point of view. Presenter overlapped on a virtual scenarios.
Greenscreen Advanced, virtual studio animated with camera point of view multiple and mobile. All the presenter can walk on the virtual studio.

Q&A on chat with backstage control desk moderation
Q&A live video and audio using web conference clients (zoom, teams, etc)
Remote voting
Survey about guest satisfy and learning level.
Remote user participation survey.
MultiSite event with multi venue, virtual or real, connected at same time from different world locations.
Low latency to guarantee a good interaction of presenters
Multi-layout to left at the user the visual configuration (cam1, cam2, slide + presenter, full screen slide only)
Virtual reality streaming, transmission of ambient with 360° VR and 3Dvr to guarantee an immersive participation to the remote guest connected