Project Description

After 50 years since the shooting of the movie-concert “Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii” directed by Adrian Maben, which saw the historic English band perform in 1971 at the great Pompei’s amphitheater in a memorable closed-door live concert, the archeological park of Pompeii and the TIM Group inaugurates a partnership to further enhance a unique heritage in the world, through the use of digital technologies.

On October 28th at 20:00, in an exclusive free live streaming event aired on ITsART – the digital platform by MiC, dedicated to Italian Art and Culture – the docufilm “Reliving at Pompeii” was broadcasted live from the Amphitheater in an immersive and digital mode, with High-Quality multimedia and audiovisual contents, a contemporary and technological avant-garde scenographic set-up.

For this event, with the artistic supervision of MagisterArt and technical direction of GSNET we have created the multimedia contents for digital video mapping (light show) with the projection of 6 visuals (that covered half amphitheater), alternating it with the 5 short-film run in a central LED Wall (10,5 x 8m). Starting with one of our visuals (a digital elaboration about David Gilmour’s face), the entire corporate identity as brochures, invitations, banners, posters, passes, ecc, was created. The entire technical project was put into practice using: n.6 Barco projectors udm4k22 + n.6 Barco HDX, Mediaserver disguise Solo+Vx2+VX4 models, graphic mixer Analog Way Aquilon RS4, n°3 Sony Cameras HDC1700, Mixer video For-A Hvs490Grandma Ultralight lights console, D&B Q sound system + D80 amplifiers, audio mixer Yamaha Ql1+ Stagebox RIO.

Location: Anfiteatro, Scavi Archeologici Pompei
Date: 28th October 2021
Agency: MagisterArt, GSNET, Kick Agency