SMARTONE cart is made for film industry professionals who value ​​time, quality and work comfort. This mobile and easy-to-use solution allows you to carry and organize on-set equipment you need. High durability components and brakes system provides performance and safety. Have the compact and lightweight SMARTONE always at your hand or compact car where fits perfectly.


The SMARTONE double-decker trolley can be used to transport equipment or as a workstation. We have applied durable materials to cope with tough conditions, the tires are made of 4-layer rubber placed on strong steel rims equipped with 2 manual foot brakes with force adjustment for safe travel over most surfaces, the aluminum frame is lightweight and strong enough to hold up to 200 kilograms, no tools are required for attaching or removing each wheel or any part of the trolley so you can save time.

The SMARTONE is super easy to fold up and ready to use in less than 2 minutes with additional dedicated accessories for installing heavy monitors, steadicams or headfixing. The compact size allows the trolley to easily transport all parts in one case. The 220mm and 260mm diameter wheels fit the enclosed trolley.