New audiovisual service process in 2020 certified by ISO 9001:2015

Le società di servizi audiovisivi sia grandi che piccole hanno usato questo standard con grande efficacia, scoprendo e garantendo enormi risparmi in termini di costi ed efficienza. Ecco alcuni dei modi in cui la ISO 9001 avvantaggia i nostri clienti nella produzione dei loro eventi e ci aiuta a migliorare continuamente i nostri servizi. Quando [...]

Audiovisual Services: The importance of a strong Alliance

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word "Alliance” as a "union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organisations". The AV Alliance was originally formed to promote and facilitate project requirements for international clients, through a network of regional representatives. The idea was to create a true family of AV providers who are committed [...]

Audiovisual Services for Nel nome del Rock live concerts

06/07/08 July  Palestrina (RM) The beautiful Parco Barberini in the ancient city of Palestrina hosted the 25th year of this contemporary rock music festival. Stoner Kebab, The Soft Moon and Ghostpoet were the headline bands. The Eventi-X team built the entire stage set, including the Truss structure, and provided all the animated lighting for the 3day [...]

Les Benjamins

Les Benjamins, the contemporary streetwear label based in Istanbul chose Florence to launch their 2018 collection based on the theme of “Ancient Skyscrapers at night”. Taking inspiration from the old pyramids of the Egyptian and Aztec civilizations the founder and creative director, Bunyamin Aydin, defined the hybrid of culture and comfort to showcase his clothes. Eventi-X [...]

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