Kupo 4-in-1 Apple box

The Kupo 4-in-1 Apple box set includes 4 Apple boxes in standard, one-half, one-quarter and ‘pancake’ sizes respectively, all made of a durable 9-ply Baltic birch wood. In addition to its innovative space-saving design, this set is ideal for storage and transport. The three smaller boxes of the set can easily be placed inside the standard-sized Apple box via a sliding side panel, which is fixed in place by two magnets.


On the side panel there is a 3/8″ – 16 female threaded hole that allows small lighting fixtures or other accessories to be mounted. The boxes have multiple applications in the studio or outdoors, so the set can be used to level an uneven light stand, add height to a model or even serve as a bench or stool. The total weight is 8.9 kg.