MA Lighting introduces a new console: grandMA3 onPC command wing XT. It integrates a PC with MA motherboard, pre-installed grandMA3 onPC software, and as many as 4,096 available parameters! Just add one to four touchscreen monitors and it’s ready to go!

grandMA3 onPC command wing XT is a lighting console suitable for small and large installations and shows, streaming studios as well as a powerful pre-programming and backup tool on the road. It is built with the same quality standards, in both software and hardware, as those used for the entire grandMA3 product range guaranteeing its MA DNA. grandMA3 onPC command wing XT is the perfect option for new users and MA veterans alike.

As a member of the grandMA3 family, onPC command wing XT uses the same user interface as other grandMA3 consoles. Therefore, it allows new users to learn the software and later upgrade without any changes to the larger grandMA3 consoles. In addition, newcomers, will benefit from the free online training courses and MA webinars allowing them to quickly develop their skills.

Experienced MA users can maintain their personal working style and rely on this solution wherever it is physically difficult to use a larger grandMA3 console. grandMA3 onPC command wing XT allows you to program, run shows, backup functions, and interact in the grandMA3 world without any limitations. Of course, worldwide, 24/7 MA support is also guaranteed for grandMA3 onPC command wing XT.

With 10 motorized faders, 40 physical playbacks, 16 assignable x-keys and a dedicated master fader section, the grandMA3 onPC command wing XT offers a complete playback surface.

The grandMA3 onPC command wing XT incorporates the same command section as all grandMA3 consoles making it very easy to use the grandMA3 onPC software. The user has all the inputs and outputs of a grandMA3 console at his or her disposal. DMX, Midi, Ethernet, Timecode, Audio in/out, and Remote Control are all within easy reach on the rear panel. It also has as many as four independent 4K Display port monitor outputs that can be touch.

grandMA3 onPC command wing XT has a maximum limit of 4,096 parameters (as with all grandMA3 onPC solutions) deliverable on the 2 DMX ports or the 2 Gigabit Ethernet connectors. The sACN or Art-Net protocols are supported, as well as MA-Net, of course.