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Events Special technologies with workstations for editing and Apple computer for playback and post production

    • Switch between 8 HDMI source devices and 8 HDMI displays connected simultaneously
    • Supports resolutions up to 4K 60Hz, with additional support for HDR
    • Extract audio from HDMI to SPDIF for connection to amplifiers and speaker systems
    • EDID Management system for controlling and ensuring the optimum resolution possible
    • 2 year warranty
      Matrix Switches are premium solutions for distributing content from multiple source devices to multiple  displays. The Lindy 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch Pro supports HDMI 2.0 18G signals, allowing for the transmission of clear 4K Ultra HD 60Hz resolutions. Additional support for High Dynamic Range ensures video content is displayed with enhanced brightness, greater contrasts and a much wider colour gamut, perfect for digital signage displays in retail, creating informational multi-display setups in education, or distributing content in commercial installations such as cinemas. HDCP 2.2 support ensures there are no issues with a variety of 4K content when connected to source devices including set top boxes, Blu-Ray players and 4K HDR media players. As well as HDMI audio pass-through, individual SPDIF ports allow for a separate connection of digital speaker systems and amplifiers, creating immersive audio experiences to compliment the video content. This Matrix can be easily controlled via push button switching on the unit, while the included remote control and IR extension also allows the user to have better control over multiple videos and displays, great for trade shows, training presentations or sales demonstrations.
  • Windows 11 Home[38] Processore Intel® Core™ i7 di undicesima generazione Processore Intel® Core™ i7-1165G7 (fino a 4,7 GHz con tecnologia Intel® Turbo Boost, 12 MB di cache L3, 4 core)[6,7] Chipset Intel® Integrated SoC
    •  Power Box 400A powerlock (6 out 16 mono; 3 out 32 penta; 3 out 63 penta; 1 out powerlock)
    •  Power box 250A powerlock (6 out 16 mono; 3 out 32 penta; 3 out 63 penta)
    • Muta Powerlock 25mt (3 P + N +T)
  • With a compact form factor, simultaneous dual-band 11ac Wi-Fi, and two embedded LTE modems, the MAX Transit Duo is ready to deliver fast, reliable connectivity in transportation and public safety deployments
    • Powerful wind generator with DMX control and robust housing
    • For professional and semi-professional use, for example, designed in clubs, television studios, theaters and touring area
    • Suitable for a variety of applications, including the haze and fog dissemination
    • In combination with smoke machine or hazer can produce fantastic fog effects for indoor and outdoor stages
    • High quality, encapsulated motor
    • Control via DMX 512 (3 channels) or on devices using 4-button LCD display
    • Manual mode: adjustable volume, timer, duration
    • Variable fan speed
    • Housing with adjustable angle (180 °) and Omega Bracket to mount the fan 200 on a crossbar, ceiling or on a flat surface
    • Air flow: 34 cubic meters / minute @ 2100 r / min
    • Noise: 70 dB @ 1 m distance
    • DMX connection: 3- and 5-pin. XLR
    • Power Twist input and output
    • Power consumption: 200 W
    • Power: AC 230V, 50 Hz, 0.95 A
    • Dimensions: 460 x 430 x 400 mm
    • Weight: 9.8 kg
    • Includes power supply cable
  • The ZINTO series is especially suitable for the protection of servers and critical equipment, in areas with voltages that may not be constant over time, but relatively free of disturbances. The waveform is perfect sinusoidal, the output voltage electronically stabilized. Among the innovative features, the DPT technology that allows to adapt the power to the users and increases the active power (watts) up to 90% of the UPS nominal value (VA), about 50% more than a conventional UPS. In addition, the switchable output sockets allow you to disconnect non-critical users automatically, to reduce the load and increase the autonomy for the remaining critical users. Under normal conditions, the ZINTOs are absolutely silent.
  • The XS708Ev2 and XS716E are the market’s most cost efficient 10-Gigabit switches. Built for SMBs, workgroups, and even home offices, the XS708Ev2 provides 8 (eight) 10-Gigabit Copper ports and 1 Shared (Combo) Copper/SFP+ fiber port, while the XS716E provides 16 (sixteen) 10-Gigabit Copper ports and 1 Shared (Combo) Copper/SFP+ fiber port, all at an affordable price. These 10-Gigabit Web Managed switches are purposely designed as a cost-effective way to provide 10G connections to 10G-capable servers and NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems, and to meet current and future needs on virtualization, converged networking, and mobility, removing the bottlenecks created by the proliferation of Gigabit-to-the-desktop and the explosion of wireless devices on the network. As part of the ProSAFE Web Managed (Plus) switch product family, the XS708Ev2 and XS716E 10-Gigabit Ethernet switches come with configurable L2 network features such as VLAN, QoS, IGMP snooping, port trunking/link aggregation and rate limiting. These features help to further optimize business network performance, delivering great value and empowering the SMB network. Both switches feature an easy-touse web browser-based management GUI in addition to plug-and-play connectivity.  
  • Lenovo has one of the widest business laptops ranges out there. One of their enterprise notebooks, which are really popular amongst large corporations is the T-series. No, we are not talking about the Indian record label, but for the Lenovo ThinkPad T15 Gen 2. You know, we are not surprised to see that it comes with Tiger Lake processors. Nor from the optional LTE and Wi-Fi 6 support. In fact, nothing about this device seems groundbreaking. Especially its design. However, it has something that is valued by pretty much everybody in the industry. It is secure, stable, and an all-around finished product. We will talk about that later, but it’s enough to say that it has all of everything in one package.
  • Input Frequency: 18.3 to 20.2 GHz Output Frequency: 28.1 to 30.0 GHz Polarization: Standard: Circular, Cross-polarized, with remote switching option electronical Switch Ambient Temperature: -40° to +55° C
  • Rent Mosys camera Tracking for virtual studio and extended Reality

    The system looks at “stars”; which are small, identical retro-reflective stickers – the same reflective material that could be found on emergency vehicles. These stickers are randomly applied to the studio ceiling or the lighting grid. No additional structure is required. They do not have to conform to any pattern and can vary in height. The “stars” are hardly visible to the naked eye. A small LED sensor, mounted on the studio camera, shines light on the stars. This defines the star map, which allows the StarTracker to report the position and orientation of the studio camera in real time to the rendering engine.  

    Freedom of movement

    StarTracker offers unlimited freedom of movement and gives accurate position, rotation and lens data in real-time - this makes it ideal for Steadicam and handheld. You can rotate the studio camera 360 degrees, and move it to any position in the studio, even right to the edge, as long as enough “stars” are in sight of the tracking camera. Other systems are often restricted in their tracking volume. StarTracker can track in 3m to 20m high studios. Since the tracking sensor points up rather than looking into the scene, the tracking is unaffected by studio conditions, such as moving objects, set changes, lighting configurations, reflections and plain green screen environments.  

    No lighting restriction

    As the “stars” can be applied randomly, in no certain pattern, above the lighting grid, they do not restrict the studio lights in any way. Despite being optical, StarTracker is unaffected by studio lighting, giving you complete freedom to install and adjust lights as needed. This is unique to StarTracker  

    Absolute tracking

    StarTracker does not drift, unlike mechanical encoded pedestals that work on dead-reckoning and accumulate error with distance travelled. This excludes them from almost all AR applications. Because StarTracker is always referencing itself to its star map, its position is absolute and drift-free.
  • Rent Disguise XV2 for xr production. Now available for international rent our media servers Disguise D3 VX2 with vfc cards

    More than a media server, disguise is an integrated show creation platform that supports your team through all stages of a production, from initial concept all the way through to showtime.

    Video playback

    Optimised for playing up to two times uncompressed 4K60 using its high-performance NVMe drive; as well as the capability of playing lossless 10-bit video.

    Capture capability

    The vx 2 can capture either 8xHD (3G-SDI) sources or two 12G.

    Faster networking

    Even more network bandwidth with dual 25GbE and dual 10GbE ports; enabling faster media file transfer and higher resolution networked live video capture.

    Faster storage

    The vx 2 comes with high-performance NVMe 4TB* as standard.

    VFC Technology

    The vx 2 ships with two HDMI 2.0 VFC output cards by default.
  • Rent Disguise D3 renderstream node to have uncompressed uality without compromies. Rent D3 RX sstem in italy or in europe. Ready to ship
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