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  • Clip for attaching a 4099 instrument microphone to thin-bodied and unusually shaped instruments. The design of the microphone clip includes a Velcro attachment strap to fit instruments of various sizes and diameters such as oboe, clarinet, bassoon, recorder and flute. The attachment strap tightens to fit the circumference of the instrument, like a wristwatch on your arm

  • The G4 In-Ear Monitoring Sets make your gig an extraordinary experience – not just for your audience, but also for you! Engineered for professional live sound: Rugged all-in-one wireless monitoring system for in-ear applications. Robust bodypack receiver and reliable in-ear monitoring IE 4 headphones delivering clarity along the whole frequency spectrum for daily use on stage Half-rack stereo transmitter in a full-metal housing with OLED display for full control Easy and flexible wireless synchronization between transmitter and receiver via infrared Compatible with Sennheiser WSM control software for flexible frequency allocation Up to 16 compatible channels Up to 42 MHz bandwidth with 1680 selectable frequencies, fully tunable in a stable UHF range Transmission Range: up to 100 meters / 300 feet High RF output power (up to 50 mW) depending on country regulations
  • Made from carbon fibre, the RØDE Boompole Pro weighs only 535gm (18oz) and, from a compact 810mm (2‘ 8”), extends to a full 3m (10’). Designed for use with professional shotgun microphones such as the RØDE NTG3 as well as the Blimp windshield system, the Boompole Pro joins RØDE’s popular boom pole range which now consists of five models ranging in size, weight, and construction material. Each of the five pole sections is comprised completely from carbon fibre making it incredible lightweight while maintaining high levels of strength. The sections are easily extendable with one hand thanks to an intuitive twist-lock mechanic. RØDE offers boom pole cable clips as an optional accessory, however the company’s new RØDELink wireless XLR adaptor allows users to record audio from a shotgun microphone on the end of the Boompole Pro without the hassle and possible handling noise of cables
  • The RØDE Blimp is a complete windshield and shock mounting accessory for the NTG1, NTG2, NTG3, NTG4 and NTG4+ microphones, as well as any third party shotgun microphone up to 325mm (12 ¾”) in length. Now featuring the Rycote® Lyre suspension system, the Blimp provides the ultimate in microphone suspension and isolation. Constructed from a single piece of hard-wearing thermoplastic, the Lyre provides superior acoustic suspension to traditional elastic solutions, and will never wear out, sag or snap. The Blimp’s handle has also been completely redesigned, reducing the product weight significantly, while increasing the ergonomics for handheld use. Housed inside the grip is a heavy-duty Mogami cable which splits via a junction box to a highly-flexible thin cable inside the Blimp, to minimise the transference of vibration to the microphone. With the lightweight design of the handle and suspension system the new Blimp design is over 25% lighter (550gm without microphone or DeadWombat fitted). The Blimp attaches to any standard boompole via 3/8" thread attachment at the base. The Universal Blimp Mount is available as an option to remove the handle when the Blimp is being used primarily on a boompole to reduce weight. The Dead Wombat windshield, caring brush and tail/patch cable are included.
  • The MKE 600 is the ideal video camera/camcorder microphone able to handle even demanding filmic challenges. Due to its high directivity, the MKE 600 picks up sounds coming from the direction in which the camera is pointing and effectively attenuates noise coming from the sides and rear. The switchable “Low Cut” filter additionally minimizes wind noise. Because some video cameras/camcorders do not provide phantom power, the MKE 600 can also be battery powered. A battery on/off switch prevents the battery from discharging prematurely; “Low Batt” is displayed. • Pronounced directivity • Maximal rejection of side noise • Switchable "Low Cut" filter minimizes wind noise • Phantom or battery powering • Battery switch with "Low Batt" indicator • Rugged all-metal housing • Very good suppression of structure-borne noise • Supplied with foam windshield and shock mount
  • The MV5 packs the clarity of almost a century of audio experience into a super-portable microphone. You get sound quality, squared. Singular simplicity: Plug-and-play is only part of the story. Though you’ll be set up in seconds, it’s also easy to select vocals, flat or instrument modes so you’re good to go when inspiration strikes. Globetrotting audio: Designed to travel with your computer or phone, the MV5 rests on its own or connects via a standard 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) mount to the included desktop stand. Easy, friendly control: The ShurePlus MOTIV audio app gives you the ability to record studio-quality audio — and so much more. Trim and share in multiple formats with a few quick taps.
  • The EK 6042 is a true diversity two channel receiver. It is designed to fit into all standard receiver slots on cameras. Its highly compatible to a wide range of Sennheiser wireless microphones be it analog or digital and can connect to virtually every Sennheiser wireless system including G3, 2000 series, 3000/5000 series and digital 9000. With the built-in web server, setup is easily managed using any browser including imports and exports of the entire configuration. The EK 6042 is SuperSlot™-compatible and works seamlessly with your existing equipment. Same for ARRI, Panasonic and Sony. The optional accessories like backpanel adapter and battery pack makes it possible to use the EK 6042 stand alone as well. The automatic configuration makes it possible to set up any microphone in less than 5 seconds.
    • 2 channel true diversity receiver
    • 184 MHz switching bandwidth
    • HDX, HiDyn+ AND Digital 9000 compatible
    • Camera adapters for Sony® and Panasonic® (Unislot)
    • SuperSlot™ compatible
    • Optional backpanel adapter & batterypack (Hot swappable)
    • Auto configuration & scene setup
  • The Sennheiser L 60 Charging Unit allows you to recharge two BA 60 or BA 61 rechargeable transmitter battery packs at once. The automatic charging process ensures that the battery packs cannot be overcharged, eliminating memory effect. The L 60 charger allows you to simultaneously charge two BA 60 or two BA 61 or one BA 60 and one BA 61. Up to four L 60 units can be daisy-chained and connected to a single NT 3-1 US power supply (available separately), to recharge up to eight battery packs at the same time.
  • The Expedition is a portable 2 channel, digital Broadcasters’ Phone with 7kHz HD Voice audio.  It is used for live news and sport reporting or talkback situations.  HD Voice is available on compatible 4G LTE and 3G UMTS networks.  Narrowband calls are also available on 2G GSM, 3G UMTS, and 4G LTE networks. A 2G GSM, 3G UMTS, and 4G LTE mobile phone with features specifically for broadcast. The HD Voice system allows 7kHz mobile calls on compatible mobile networks using 3G UMTS or 4G LTE networks. There are independent, duplicated controls for both inputs. The illuminated on-air button can be configured as latching, momentary or intelligent. There is a small gain control for setting input level. There are two x 6.35mm headphone sockets with a level adjust. Battery power is available from 6 x AA batteries. There is also an external DC input from 10 - 15V. The Expedition can be set to answer incoming calls automatically. An output compressor prevents any peak in the audio being sent onto the HD Voice network. HD Voice is very sensitive to peaks and the output compressor improves the quality of the audio received at the remote end.
  • The compact Y12 line array loudspeaker is designed for use in vertical columns. The 2-way passive design features two 8” drivers in a dipole arrangement and a centrally mounted 1.4” compression driver with a wave transformer. Sophisticated horn geometry combined with the advanced bass-reflex port design delivers full bandwidth capabilities with an extended LF output. These high performance line array modules offer 120° horizontal directivity controlled down to 500 Hz. The mechanical and acoustical design enables vertical arrays of up to twenty four loudspeakers with vertical splay angles from 0° to 14° with a 1° resolution. It can be used in columns of purely Y12 loudspeakers or combined with Y8 and/or Y-SUB cabinets. The loudspeaker cabinet is constructed from marine plywood and has an impact and weather protected PCP (Polyurea Cabinet Protection) finish. The front of the loudspeaker cabinet is protected by a rigid metal grill backed by an acoustically transparent foam. Each side panel incorporates a handle while two additional recessed grips are provided at the rear. Three point rigging hardware is integrated into the loudspeaker enclosure.

  • DANTE / MADI Converter

    • Design: 19 "/ 1U
    • 64 Channels
    • Included: Sample rate conversion, optical and coax MADI

    Ulteriori informazioni

    Amount Of Channels 64
    AD Conversion No
    DA Conversion No
    Max. Resolution 24 bit
    Max. sampling rate 192 kHz
    S/PDIF Connecor No
    AES/EBU Connector No
    ADAT No
    Word clock Yes
    Number of analog inputs 0
    Number of Analog Outputs 0
    Headphone connection No
  • Higher channel density with maximum signal reliability at the same time: Digital 6000 is intermodulation-free and assures through its equidistant frequency grid excellent spectral efficiency and the simplest frequency configuration– even in the toughest frequency environments where other systems already fail. Error correction and audio error masking recognize and fix problems long before they even become audible. When it comes to setup and the user interface, the EM 6000 stands out for clarity, relevance and short pathways. Digital 6000 can be seamlessly integrated into existing digital or analog infrastructures. The EM 6000 receiver has a digital AES-3 output with word clock inputs and outputs, high-quality transformer-balanced analog XLR and 6.3 mm jack outputs as well as a 6.3 mm headphone output. The Dante™ version with an Audinate Brooklyn ll card additionally offers two Amphenol RJ-45 connectors for integrating the receiver into a Dante™ network, for redundant networks or daisy chain cabling. Whether we’re talking about reducing information down to the really meaningful key values or smart menus on a high-contrast OLED display, every operating element is a result of practical experience and designed for practical use. All the vital parameters are summarized in one view. Important functions can be reached directly via home screens without long navigation paths. The auto-setup enables scanning and frequency distribution to all connected devices directly via the receiver; naturally Digital 6000 can also be monitored and configured via the Wireless System Manager (WSM). The EM 6000 is compatible with UHF Sennheiser antenna systems.


    • 19’’ 2-Channel receiver, 19 inch 1RU
    • Large 244 MHz switching bandwidth
    • Legendary Long Range mode (LR) with proprietary audio codec (SeDAC) from the masterpiece Digital 9000
    • True bit diversity utilizes both receiver paths, combines their information content to provide the best possible signal
    • Equidistant frequency grid for maximum channel density and simplest setup
    • 32 superior quality RF pre-selection filters for optimal suppression of interference signals at antenna input
    • Error correction and audio error masking
    • AES-256 encryption
    • Automatic frequency setup
    • Digital and transformer balanced analog outputs XLR, 6.3 mm jack, AES-3, EM 6000 Dante with Brooklyn II Card and Amphenol RJ-45
    • Integrated antenna splitter for cascading of up to 8 systems
    • one high-quality OLED display per channel
    • Link Quality Indicator (LQI)
    • Wireless Systems Manager (WSM) compatible
    • Compatible with standard Sennheiser UHF antennas
    • Compatible with Digital 9000 transmitters in Long Range mode