Teradek Beam is a H.264 Full HD back-end video encoder (bit rate up to 30 Mbps), which also allows operating on the 5 GHz band without a license.
The Teradek Beam transmits up to over 700 meters with only 2 frames of latency.
The Teradek Beam video encoder (receiver receiver) includes a 3G-SDI input and a battery plate (Anton Bauer or V-mount) that integrate with all the most popular professional cameras.
The Teradek Beam includes an OLED screen for fast configuration, LAN port for transmission over wired networks, and support for high power transmission with 5.25GHz 5.15 band.
They are able to manage the characteristics of professional encoders / tdecoders in pairs with the power of high-performance transmitters / receivers with low latency to manage incoming video streams from a troup eng.


Main features of the Bade Teradek video encoder (receiver – transmitter)

  • H.264 Full HD encoder with rear camera
  • Transmit video via internet to the Beam decoder or directly to the PC with high bitrate
  • Transmit video up to over 700 meters with 2 frames of latency
  • Video Inputs: HD-SDI, SD-SDI, 3G-SDI
  • Multicast capable of up to 4 receivers
  • RTSP and MPEG-TS protocols
  • Available in V-Mount or Anton Bauer Mount