A versatile and fully-featured broadcast 2/3” 4K field lens with 90x zoom, 9-810mm focal length and image stabilisation that’s fully compatible with 2/3” 4K cameras and broadcast environments where HDTV is currently in use.


-2/3” 4K field lens with 90x zoom and 9-810mm focal length (up to 1620mm with the 2x built-in extender)

-Achieve stunning 4K resolution from 2/3” 4K cameras that extends right from the centre of the image

-Retain stunning 4K resolution even with image stabilisation applied

-Similar size and weight to HD field lenses mean it seamlessly integrates with existing HDTV technical setups and shooting environments.

-Sustained 4K performance with precise focus and high zoom ratio

-Cover wide spaces like large sports arenas with a single lens thanks to the wide focal range

-Full support for virtual systems thanks to the built-in 16-bit encoder

-Fully compatible with existing Canon HD field lens accessories