Project Description

For the occasion of 2019’s Venice art biennale, Lorenzo Quinn unveils his latest work entitled ‘building bridges’. This new, site-specific sculpture comprises of six pairs of hands joining across the entrance of the Arsenale, with each pair representing one of six universally essential values: friendship, wisdom, help, faith, hope and love. The concept behind the project aims to symbolize people overcoming their differences to build a better world together. Among the guests, the mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnari,  the pianist Lola Astanova and the singer Andrea Bocelli closed the presentation before the gala dinner.

Eventi-X provided a team of video technicians for video direction and live streaming on various websites, including the personal Facebook page of the artist, using three fibre channels cameras and one radio camera equipped with various lenses.

Location: Venice – Arsenale Nord
Date: May 9th 2019