Turtle base chrome plated steel stand with 3 sections and 2 risers. The base is detachable allowing easy transport. This stand has a maximum payload of 10kg and maximum height of 1.55m. The stand is also available in black. The A2016D in chrome steel silver is a 20” 3 Section, 2 riser Turtle Base C-Stand (max height of 1.55m/61”). Avenger C-Stands feature captive locking handles that do not vibrate free are triple chrome plated and perform in the most demanding environments. Avenger C-Stands chrome plated finishes are second to none and provide long lasting durability. They are the most durable in the industry! Avenger turtle bases are not welded and as a result spare parts are easily available should you damage a leg or casting. A 16mm/ 5/8” welded spigot is standard on Avenger C-Stands! This Avenger kit will work flawlessly with flags, gobos, floppies, cutters and all types of lighting whether you be on motion picture sets, shooting video or working in photo studios. Recommended accessories: D600 Boom, E200, 297BBASE, 299BBASE, D200, D520L, Roller Bag AVCSA1301B