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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by Eventi-x Group

A few more days and we welcome the arrival of 2022!

The time has come to reflect on an unprecedented 2021.

We would like to share with you this final chapter which contains all the unforgettable moments and the great challenges we made. This path brings us to a new blank page to write down the new adventures that 2022 will reserve for our company.
We are leaving behind a difficult year but it was full of new opportunities and achieved goals, we have done our work with more dedication and passion, putting professionalism and safety first.

In this journey, we decided to invest in new technologies, training courses, study sessions, and new hires to improve the professional background of our team.
The priorities of Eventi-x have always been to guarantee complete customer satisfaction and to be sure that all our work leaves people with indelible memories.
We can tell you: in 2021 We worked hard and now We need to take some days off to toast our successes and be able to come back even more energized and efficient.

We conclude this year by thanking those who made our success possible, highlighting some of the collaborations and projects carried out by the Eventi-X Group team during 2021.

Happy Holidays
Eventi-X Group Srl

New audiovisual service process in 2020 certified by ISO 9001:2015

Audiovisual service companies large and small have used this standard to great effect, discovering and securing tremendous cost and efficiency savings. Here are just a few of the ways ISO 9001 benefits our clients in the production of their events and helps us to continuously improve our services.

When customers see that we are approved by a recognized international certification body, they will understand that we have implemented a system that is focused on meeting customer requirements and improvement. This in turn improves their trust in us that we will deliver exactly what we have promised in our events, stages, and audiovisual services in general.

At Eventi-x Group, we strive to maintain the highest quality standards for the events services we provide. For instance our audio service, lighting for shows and live entertainment, video production, video mapping, visual shows in Italy and abroad. Anywhere we work, we will apply our certified processes to all our audiovisual and events servcies!  For this reason, we are certain that this new accreditation plus our comprehensive experience in supplying audiovisual services that are second to none in the media and communications industry in Italy strengthens our place as leaders in our field.

One of the key principles of the ISO 9001 QMS is the focus on improving customer satisfaction by identifying and meeting customer requirements and needs. By improving satisfaction, we know our  events services customers will look forward to working with us again.

So Eventi-X wears the badge of  ISO 9001 with great pride, knowing our customers are assured of the highest levels of service in the audio visual and events industry.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by Eventi-x Group

Another year leaves us…. and we certainly closed it in great style!

For Eventi-X Group 2019 was another incredible year, which saw us push our boundaries, take our expertise to new levels of achievement and create magical events and lasting memories for our clients. Every year we want to grow our level of capabilities and skills, but to achieve it we need your support.

So, what’re your expectations for the coming year?

We have an idea… if you need to begin 2020 at the maximum level, just leave a letter for Santa Claus under your tree with our contacts… and don’t forget that Christmas it’s a magical moment that can transform dreams into reality!

We would like to thank you for your cooperation throughout the year, and we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

What’s happening at Eventi-x?

We are 3 quarter of the way through the year and already 2018 has seen exciting changes and positive developments at Eventi-X Group. Back in the spring, we launched our new website. Featuring more information in a user-friendly format and including our new blog page, aimed at keeping our clients informed on the latest projects we have undertaken and the constantly evolving technology of the events industry.

This year has also seen the implementation of our green vision program. Built on the foundations of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. As a company, we are committed to the wellbeing of both economic and ecological issues and we are waging war against CO2 emissions. We have a 3-year plan to manage our waste and dramatically reduce our carbon footprint, by constantly working with our suppliers to develop energy efficient audiovisual systems capable of producing quality of the highest possible levels whilst enabling us to maintain our goal of sustainability.

2018 has also seen us invest more time and money in research and development than in any previous year in our history. We are in a time of unprecedented change in our industry. Companies need to adapt and evolve to the ever-changing needs of their customers. Obviously, Innovation isn’t solely represented by new devices, ideas or methods, but also by the process of uncovering new ways to do things.

And now we are delighted to announce that our new purpose-built warehouse is nearing completion and on schedule for the planned October opening. This facility will give us increased capacity to store an even broader range of state-of-the-art audiovisual systems and also increase our efficiency.

So, fantastic news for you, our client. Greater choice, greater efficiency from a company who care about the future.