The Opus Drumsets offer high-performance drum microphones from the Opus range at favourable prices. Four sets are available as individually customised sets. The sets include a rugged transport case with foam inlay which can be equipped with one Opus 99 (Bass Drum), one ST 99 (stand for Opus 99), three Opus 53 or MC 930 (Overhead, HiHat, Cymbals) and up to four Opus 88 (Snare Drum, Toms) and four Opus 87 resp. Opus 67 microphones (Toms) at maximum. Microphones clamps are included.

Drum Mic Set

Set comprises:

  • 1x Bass drum Boundary microphone TG D71
  • 2x Condenser microphones D57c for Tom Toms (cardioid, Clip-On)
  • 3x Condenser Microphones D58c for Snare/Tom Toms (cardioid, Clip-On)
  • 2x Condenser microphones MC 930 for overhead (cardioid)
  • 1 Condenser microphone MC 950 for Hi-hat (super-cardioid)
  • Solid M Bag Drum Softbag with protective foam insert and space for additional microphones and accessories
  • Microphone clips