The Accent B7c is a battery-operated 7W RGBWW color-mixing LED light bulb, and the first product in Aputure’s Accent family of “practical” LED lights built for filmmakers, with a unique combination of features no other light has.
The B7c features a standard E26/27 lamp socket screw connector making it compatible with a wide variety of lamps anywhere in the world. Its light bulb form factor allows users to more naturally integrate programmable, color-mixing, practical lighting into any scene. Unlike typical household LED bulbs, the Accent B7c uses cinema-grade LEDs to reproduce immaculate skin tones — with impeccable CRI and TLCI values of 95+, and a tungsten SSI score of 85, outpacing industry-standard lights. The Accent B7c like all Aputure products is made with filmmakers in mind. Unlike consumer LED smart bulbs, the B7c features 20KHz stepless dimming that remains completely flicker-free up to at least 1,000fps with no color shift.
• 7W RGBWW LED Smart Bulb
• Standard E26/E27 Light Bulb Socket
• Built-in Lithium-polymer Battery (70+ min. @ Max)
• Fully Tunable CCT from 2,000K to 10,000K
• Average CRI 95+, TLCI 96+
• SSI (Tungsten): 85, SSI (D55): 74
• RGB Color Tunability with Hue, Saturation & Intensity
• Covers >90% of the Colors Within Rec.2020 Color Space
• Stepless Dimming from 0-100% with No Color Shift
• 9 Built-in Lighting FX: Paparazzi, Fireworks, Faulty Bulb, Lightning, TV, Party, Pulsing, Cop Car, and Fire. Only Smart Bulb with On-board Button Controls
• Sidus Link App Compatible, Firmware Upgradeable
• Wireless Bluetooth Control up to 80m
• Two Power Supply Modes: Standard/AC Mode, Battery/DC Mode
• Passively-cooled Aluminum-alloy Heatsink