Hi Everyone, Eventi-X are back!!!
Sorry for the silence on our Blog page. To be honest, October has been a really busy month for us.
We have many new projects planned for the coming months. The crews have been completing live shoots for RAI all over Italy, filmed a top chef tasting wonderful balsamic vinegar for an English TV channel and setting up lights and audio systems for conferences and conventions… really exciting times and also our new warehouse facility is up and running. Our website has another language! As well as English, we are proud to announce the new Italian version of the website… it’s like a small gift for all the Italians that prefer to read in their native language! At the moment, some sections need improvement, but it’s finished!!! Italian… strange language! 🙂

Anyway here’s just a few pictures of our latest projects. For more details, please check our Portfolio page: www.eventixgroup.it/portfolio/