Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo da Eventi-x Group

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Un altro anno sta per lasciarci ... e di sicuro sarà l’ennesimo chiuso in grande stile! Per Eventi-X Group il 2019 è stato un altro anno incredibile, che ci ha visto spingere le nostre capacità, oltre i nostri limiti, portare la nostra esperienza a nuovi livelli di professionalità e creare eventi magici ed unici, pieni di [...]

Disguise “D3” and Analog Way “Aquilon RS4” now available in our warehouse

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DISGUISE D3 Recognised as one of the most significant and promising new technologies in the last few years, our team are thrilled to announce the new arrival, "Disguise D3", finally available in our warehouse. More than a media server, Disguise is an integrated show creation platform that supports your team through all stages of production, [...]

New Products available in the warehouse

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We are happy to announce that Eventi-x has other great products available in the warehouse. Led Screen SHENZHEN INFILED DB Series Starting from today, we can provide over 220 pieces of "Infiled DB Series". Dimension: 500x500x75.5mm | Pixel Pitch: 1.56mm, 1.95mm, 2.31mm, 2.60mm, 2.84mm, 3.47mm Litec QH30SA [...]

Ready to plan your next event in Italy? Eventi-x is your right choice!

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At last, the spring is here and the summer will be arriving soon! Do you want to come to Italy? Do you want to see our beautiful cities like Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan etc? If you are not a tourist, but a company that needs help to plan and create a meeting, an event or [...]

Merry Christmas by Eventi-x Group

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Another year leaves the same time a new one arrives. We hope it will bring prosperity, happiness and all things positive. For Eventi-X 2018 was another incredible year, which saw us push our boundaries, take our expertise to new levels of achievement and create magical events and lasting memories for our clients. So, what're your expectations [...]

Eventi-X are back!.. siamo tornati!

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Ciao a tutti, Eventi-X è tornata!!! Ci scusiamo per il silenzio sul nostro Blog. Ad essere onesti, ad Ottobre siamo stati davvero impegnati! Per i prossimi mesi, abbiamo molti nuovi progetti in programma. Le nostre troupe ENG, ha effettuato riprese e collegamenti live per RAI in tutta Italia, girato dei video con un top chef [...]

What’s happening at Eventi-x?

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We are 3 quarter of the way through the year and already 2018 has seen exciting changes and positive developments at Eventi-X Group. Back in the spring, we launched our new website. Featuring more information in a user-friendly format and including our new blog page, aimed at keeping our clients informed on the latest projects we [...]

The importance of innovation and the critical role of R & D

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Over the last few years the words ‘Innovation’ and ‘Research & Development’ have become increasingly important in the world of technology-related industries. I take it you are all familiar with these words? Indeed, many communication industry gurus have written often lengthy and confusing articles offering varied descriptions of the subject. Articles which, for many people, are [...]

Linea Verde – 5 days filming in Abruzzo

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July 10th -14th 2018 "Linea Verde" - RAI 1 Last week, 3 of our camera crews, directed by Emilia Mastroianni spent 5 days filming in the beautiful hill towns of Villalago and  Scanno in the Abruzzo region. The programme, "Linea Verde’, is one of the longest running shows on the RAI network, presenting the traditions of local [...]