The PX1004UL – simply “install & forget”. First class high-end blue diode laser light source, combined with a unique quality phosphor wheel technology and no need to replace the filter, for max. 20,000 hours of trouble-free operation. These features, together with a low overall energy consumption, create exceptional reliability and a good total cost of ownership, and are suitable for installations of long-lasting information panels or museums.
Superior image quality, especially on wide screens thanks to the processing capacity of 4k signals. Enhanced by a new optional ultra-short throw lens, this projector is also ideal for rental / performance installations, higher education and large companies.
Considering everything a perfect tailor-made solution, to save time and precious money for a safe investment in a brighter future.
To reduce your installation costs, the projectors can be ordered together with the standard NP18ZL lens, which meets the projection requirements of 90% of all applications!