Intended for monitoring stereo audio signals in professional applications such as stage or broadcasting, this range consists of a static transmitter and mobile diversity receiver, both built in metal enclosures.
The system has a frequency-bank system with up to 16 compatible pre-set frequencies. The bandwidth is 42MHz, offering 1680 tunable UHF frequencies. An HDX compander is used to increase dynamic range, pilot-tone squelch avoids RF interference when the transmitter is turned off. Easy set-up uses the receiver to perform an automatic frequency scan to search for available frequencies. Settings may be transferred between the receiver and transmitter in either direction using infra-red communication. The transmitter may be connected to an Ethernet network for configuration of multi-channel systems using software.
Transmitter and receiver are available separately or together as a complete system. Different models are available, in several UHF ranges; each offers 26 frequency banks with up to 16 channels. Each of the channels in the first 20 frequency banks are pre-set at the factory to fixed frequencies. The channels within each bank can be used without intermodulation. The remaining banks allow the user to select and store frequencies.