The dynamic professional D112 MkII bass drum has a new integrated flexible support, while keeping all the strengths that have made its predecessor an industry standard. Over the years, the D112 has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the best bass drum mics ever made, due to its ability to handle high SPL, incisive EQ and bullet-proof construction. The D112 MkII is able to handle more than 160dB of SPL without distortion. Its wide diaphragm has a very low resonance frequency which offers a solid and powerful response below 100Hz. The low end is completed by a 4 kHz Boost that passes through dense mixes and high volume stages with a strong impact. One of the many reasons why artists and sound engineers love the D112 MkII is that it does not require an additional EQ to get the right sound. To further refine its performance, the D112 MkII features an integrated buzz compensation coil that keeps noise to a minimum.

Main features

  • Frequency band: 20Hz-17kHz
  • Sensitivity: 1.8 mV / Pa
  • Electrical impedance: 210 Ohm
  • Recommended load impedance: 2000Ohm
  • Polar diagram: Cardioid
  • Audio output: XLR M, 3-pole balanced
  • Dimensions: 115 x H126 x D70mm
  • Weight: 0.300kg