PowerBar AT10.sx is a bar equipped with 18 LED RGBW to control the single pixel, where the extension .sx emphasizes this function.
Thanks to the new and powerful RGBW Multicolor LED chip technology, PowerBar AT10.sx ensures greater light output, without compromising the brilliant color mixing inside the optics.
The specific choice of 20 ° x50 ° optics is ideal for illuminating surfaces that are also located at short distances from the object to be illuminated.
The Powerbar AT10.sx chassis is in black painted aluminum. Its liquid crystal display on the back allows you to view and select all functions directly.
The DMX data cable is connected and relayed via 5-pole XLR connectors, while the power supply is connected via PowerCon In and Out sockets.
Thanks to all these qualities, PowerBar AT10.sx is recommended not only for setting up temporary events, but also for long-term lighting systems.