Midland presents the walkie‐talkie more complete and more powerful range as ever: XT LINE. 7 new models, each featured by new colors! XT LINE comes from over 40 years of experience in the radio communication world, designed to conquer the world market and meet all its needs! Seduced by the innovative packaging and high performance technology. XT line introduces Micro USB charger in the walkie talkie world, the fast charge (in XT60 and XT70), 500 MW speaker (in XT70). On the beach, at a festival or just a keen adventurer enjoying a day out, XT LINE is a great way to keep in touch. Extremely reliable, XT LINE is the ideal solution for those who want to talk in all situations, professional and during leisure time. Our high performance walkie‐talkies are great for extreme sports enthusiasts who need reliable two‐way communications for their adventures. With a range of up to 12kms, these consumer radios are the ultimate accessory for anyone serious about adventure, style and simple communication. XT LINE is ready to use and easy to surf thanks to the keys located on the radio front.