Speaker timer is an automated timekeeper that controls remote signal light alerting speakers to end of allotted time. It keeps time at lectures, forums and legal proceedings. Maintains pace of programs. Builds confidence that no one’s time is unfairly curtailed. Spares moderators the need to interrupt and helps speakers end smoothly.

  • Easy-to-use (set total time, set sum-up time, start)
  • Pre-set up to 4 timing programs
  • Run a session timer in background to other programs
  • Select from 3-different beep sounds (or no sound)
  • Connect two or more timers to a single signal light for multi-point start/stop control
  • Connect two or more signal lights to a single timer for multi-speaker prompting
  • Select count-up or count-down modes
  • Digital clock displays time remaining, green-yellow-red lights cue phase, talk, sum-up, stop